What to expect from the service

Depending on the package you choose, will depend on the level of support you receive. Every client will receive:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly telephone or video calls
  • Full dietary analysis
  • Personalised sessions tailored to your needs
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Scientifically backed up evidence-based information
  • Email support between appointments

There is also the option to have information sent out to you on a weekly basis covering the topic/area covered in the session, plus recipe ideas and supporting documents.

Whole foods approach and lifestyle support

Steph Hayes Nutrition is based on providing the support and guidance around making changes through wholefoods. This means, looking at changes to your dietary habits that are sustainable and basing on reducing your processed food consumption and increasing the wholefoods. Keep your mind open to trying something new, it’s all about helping you feel better in your body!

Not just your nutrition will be supported, but also looking into other factors that contribute to you seeking this support. Whether that be sleep, stress, or even your bowel movements, it will all be taken into account during your first session.

Non-judgemental and client-centred approach

The way I like to work is by gaining your trust and building a positive relationship first. Your first session is all about me getting to know you- and you can ask any questions you like or highlight areas you are most concerned about or wanting to make changes! No matter what stage you are in meeting your goals, you will be fully supported and get each session completely tailored to you and your needs. Every client is unique!